Breeann Kyte Kirby wears many hats as a molecular biologist, educator, creator of communities, and writer. She and microbial ecologist Forest Rohwer started Wholon in 2014 with a vision to connect diverse thinkers across the disciplines. Now, as the sole proprietor of Wholon, she continues this mission.

Heather Maughan, PhD is a freelance writer and bacteriologist, and an independent scholar at The Ronin Institute. She spies on Bacteria as they evolve to make sense of their genomes and metagenomes. When not at her desk working for the microbes, she treks across the winter landscape on snowshoes or attends to the crops and critters on her small Ontario farm.

Merry Youle, PhD is a freelance microbiology editor and writer, and a committed phageophile. Her previous writing for her beloved phages included more than 35 posts contributed to the ASM-sponsored blog, Small Things Considered. Next to bubble up from her lava tube home in Hawai'i is a book to introduce a broad readership to the creativity of the phage multitude that supports all life on Earth.

Ben Darby is a prolific painter, producing satirical works that are whimsical with intricately detailed and textured surfaces. Ben's scientific artwork reveals the weirdly beautiful way phages are structured and exist in their environments. His detailed hand has brought to life the symmetry and form of these viruses.

Leah Pantéa is a micro-illustrator, working to show the life of the virion + bacteria with a fresh outlook. All of her illustrations are created by hand, working along side author and graphic designer in order to get the right look for each book.

Karen Seehaus is a writer, editor, and teacher. She worked for Stanford University for many years in the School of Education. After receiving her MFA in Creative Writing, she has specialized in teaching creative writing and editing technical documents of every stripe. When not engaged in these activities, she runs around her neighborhood and collects runDisney medals.

Kirsten Imani Kasai owns The Magic Word Editing Company. Her goals are to serve writers, publishers and those who wish to use the editing process as a learning experience to better their own understanding of storytelling craft. Clients who work with the Magic Word Editing Co. choose collaborative, joyful and professional editors who value their talents, vision and artistic goals.

Alexis Morrison is a graphic designer with a busy trade-shop background. She has applied her expertise to all types of print production, with a primary focus on typography and information design. Alexis creates beautiful minimalist designs centered around the specific content of a project. Skilled in both art and technology, she enjoys building a bridge between the two worlds.

Big Rose Web Design, LLC has two decades of experience as working scientists; thus, they know what it takes to manage a laboratory. Big Rose Web Design helps scientists manage their resources by creating custom databases and web-applications to securely store, manage, share, and visualize all types of laboratory data. Whether you are a single investigator laboratory or a research institute, with multiple investigators working in different disciplines, they have the know-how and tools to make the management of your laboratory resources intuitive and easy.

Mark Hatay can build anything his collaborators can imagine. His phage art is featured on this site. For more phage-centric items designed by Mark, head to our Zazzle Site.